While Covid is a good reason to not gather en mass inside, the frigid Chicago winters drive people indoors regardless.  We don’t currently condone indoor gatherings but we think they’ll return safely soon enough.  In contrast, the Chicago winter hammers Illinois like clockwork every year, making simple outdoor activities a distant memory while we dutifully await spring.  There are activities one can do in the winter, lawn games are one of them.  Netflix and drinking tends to be less favorable than say standing up and playing games and drinking.  We’re going to cover the best indoor games for the winter!

  •  Giant Connect Four – Just an absolute staple of the giant game world.  Giant Connect Four is generally the most popular rental across all locations and we expect it to continue with Chicago.  The Giant Connect Four can easily fit through a door when assembled and doesn’t run the risk of breaking anything during use!  A great game and certainly one to get if ever in doubt, especially during the winter


  • Giant Tumbling Towers – Giant Tumbling Towers is another very popular game, for good reason.  It’s well know and well loved and very few people don’t know how to play.  If they don’t they typically learn quickly.  It also doesn’t take up too much space and allows many people to play simultaneously.  Just be careful it doesn’t fall on that glass coffee table you just picked up in Lake Zurich!


  • NERF Party – This is a bit of a curveball.  NERF is inherently a relatively safe game as long as you don’t have too many glass objects out on your shelves.  If you have enough space inside then NERF works out super well.  The darts are rubber-tipped and not going as fast as a paintball.  It’s a great game to play during those cold winter birthdays that Chicago inevitably has.


  • Washers – This is a popular lawn game rental in the South.  Many people in the Illinois area are much less familiar with it but it is a fun and challenging game.  Players take turns throwing large washers at boards, but the distance for 3 hole washers is only 10 ft.  This means you’ll be confident the washers aren’t flying around everywhere!


  • Putterball – A newcomer to the lawn game market, Putterball is a mixture of putting and beer pong, hence the popularity with fraternities in the Evanston area.  It’s about 12 ft long and has a triangle of 6 holes at either end that you attempt to hit your ball into.  Why does it work inside?  You’re only putting the ball, not hitting dingers at the driving range.  The bottom of the Putterball is also foam, so you wont worry about scratching the floor!

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