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Who is Triangle Lawn Games?

Lawn Game Company in Chicago

Triangle Lawn Games Chicago is an imprint of Raleigh, NC-based lawn game provider Triangle Lawn Games. Started in 2018 out of Gordon’s garage, TLG has grown to over a dozen locations in 6 states and counting. With our size and processes we are able to offer low prices, quality customer service, and a consistent product that has brought joy to thousands of parties.

We are locally operated by Erin del Cid and her husband Juan, and you might end up speaking with other members of our team like JJ, Mae, Frank or Gordon. We pride ourselves on quick responses and always being available, so if you ever have any issues or questions you can always reach someone on the team by calling our main line (919) 891-3495.

Gordon Buchanan


Frank Houston Owner For Houston Lawn Games

Frank Buchanan



JJ & Mae Lillibridge


Juan and Erin Family

Erin & Juan del Cid

Chicago Operators

Contact Us With Questions - (312) 260-1134

Email: [email protected]

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